Glue Applicator filled with PVA (white tacky glue)

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Fine Tipped Glue Applicator filled with strong PVA (white tacky) glue - our updated fine tipped glue applicator has a stronger container, a longer spout and the tip is screwed onto the spout which make it more secure - the glue dries clear when dried and we also have a sheet of instructions regarding the bottles use - we protect the pin with shrunk plastic in order that it travels to you safely - becasue the glue is water based it can be shipped anywhere around the world - becasue of the increase in shipping costs outside of the UK if the order is for 3 or more glue bottles I will have to charge an extra £5 shipping charge - this will be by a seperate paypal invoice after I receive your order - I am really sorry about this but as the bottles weigh heavy it makes them very expensive to post

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