12th scale laser cut Clematis 'Nellie Moser' Kit

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12th scale UK designed and laser cut Clematis 'Nellie Moser' kit - the kit has 12 blooms and 30 sets of leaves (90 leaves in total) per kit - the kit was designed by initially scanning living flowers and leaves and then reducing the scanning to 12th scale - the leaves and petals are printed using pigmented inks which are water and fade proof, in addition we print veins on the leaves to add to the realisitc finsih of each kit. We print the colour and veins for each kit before they are laser cut and finally we use speciality papers in order that the leaves and petals are true to scale.

Each kit has detailed instructions, wire plus a colour picture and is suitable for all skill levels - to complete the kit you will require PVA (white tacky) glue, fine pointed scissors, sharp fine scissors, a petal pad and a set of stylus tools - these will enable you to shape the elements of the kit to make it more natural - all theae items can be found in the equipment section of our web shop.

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